2x 61-note manuals
Second Touch to both manuals
32-note RCO Pedalboard
5x thumb pistons to each manual
99-channel piston memory system

6 Ranks of Pipes:
Trumpet  8ft
Open Diapason  16ft 8ft 4ft
Tibia Clausa  8ft 4ft
Salicional  8ft 4ft
Flute  16ft 8ft 4ft 2ft
Vox Humana 8ft
5 Novelty Effects:
Horse Hooves
Bird Whistle
Door Bell
Train Whistle
Auto Horn

4 Pitched Percussion Instruments:
Chrysoglott   (49 notes)
Glockenspiel (37 notes)
Xylophone    (37 notes)
Cathedral Chimes  (18 notes)
9 Unpitched Percussion Instruments:
Bass Drum
Snare Drum
Crash Cymbal
Tap Cymbal
Fire Gong

3-horsepower Spencer Steel Orgoblo
Here is the current specification of the 2-manual, 6-rank Style-D Wurlitzer organ installed at The Congregational Church in Beer.
Layout of the Pipe Ranks
Specification of the Beer Wurlitzer
Beer Wurlitzer - Layout of Pipe Ranks